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Only the Very Best in Custom Engineered Venturi Systems

When you're in need of a professional venturi systems manufacturer you can turn to for all of your jet pump and venturi system design and manufacturing needs, EST Venturi Systems is the name you can trust. Are you in need of custom-engineered venturi systems for your business or industrial needs? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you what separates us from the competition.

As one of the most trusted venturi system manufacturers in the industry, we offer a wide range of quality products to fit a variety of needs. From solids conveying eductors, jet exhausters, jet compressors, or even liquid jet eductors, we can provide you with the solutions you require for your operation needs.


Series 6000 – Type 6086

A Liquid Jet Exhauster is a jet pump that uses a high-pressure liquid motive to entrain a lower-pressure gas suction and discharge the mixed fluids against a pressure slightly higher than the suction pressure. This is accomplished by momentum transfer from the motive to the suction gas. A jet exhauster can draw from vacuum or positive pressure sources and discharge to higher desired discharge receivers. They can be used for induced gas flotation in oil recovery separation and dissolved air flotation in wastewater treatment. Unique nozzle designs are available that can more than double the normal entrainment ratio of gas suction to liquid motive if required. Typical entrainment ranges are 0.5 to 1.5 cfm per 10 gpm of motive liquid for normal single piece nozzles. Special two-piece nozzles can deliver up to 3.5 cfm/10 gpm with the same motive requirement, with the same motive pump horsepower. The final achievable entrainment rate is dependent upon actual conditions of motive, suction, and discharge around the jet pump. An exhauster may be constructed.

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Series 6000 - Type 6022

A Gas Jet Compressor is a jet pump that uses high-pressure steam, air, or gas motive to entrain lower-pressure steam, air, or gas suction and compress the mixture to a pressure higher than the suction pressure. The mixed gases enter a venturi "tail" where they continue to mix, then emerge from the tail at a pressure intermediate to those of the motive and suction fluids. Gas Jet Compressors are classified as a "thermocompressor" if the motive and suction phases are both steams. Thermocompressors are commonly used for steam recovery for paper dryer drainage, multi-effect distillation, and evaporators. Equipment performance is based on the energy contained in the motive fluid available to perform the work functions of entrainment and compressing. The Gas Jet Compressors are commonly used for natural gas mixing, heater, kiln, and vulcanizer applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, power, and water treatment industries. A compressor may be constructed from various materials for extreme applications such as for corrosive environments. There are no moving parts, making routine maintenance rare.

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Series 4000 – Type 4064

A Liquid Jet Eductor is a jet pump that uses a high-pressure liquid motive to entrain a lower-pressure liquid suction. When the two streams mix, momentum from the liquid motive is transferred to the liquid suction stream. The combined streams then enter the venturi tail where the resultant velocity is converted to an intermediate pressure as required at the jet pump discharge. Liquid Jet Eductors are typically used for mixing and pumping applications. When properly installed, the eductor will be self-priming, have no moving parts, and be virtually maintenance-free. An eductor can be constructed from a variety of different materials, which makes it ideal for corrosive, explosive, erosive, and economic sacrificial applications. Mechanical pumps with expensive explosion-proof electrical service and motors can be circumvented. Where a liquid under pressure is available as a motive in a highly corrosive or erosive application, an eductor can be used as a sacrificial alternative to a much more expensive mechanical pump.

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Solid convey

Series 2000 – Type 2085

A Solid Conveying Eductor is a jet pump that uses a vacuum to entrain a suction flow of solids. The motive nozzle converts a high-pressure liquid or gas to a high-velocity stream, which creates a vacuum in the mixing body used to entrain the lower-pressure suction flow by means of momentum transfer. The combined streams enter the venturi, where they continue to mix. The resultant velocity energy is converted into the venturi to discharge pressure capability. The Conveying Eductor has no moving parts making it an acceptable choice for conveying solids in corrosive, erosive, and explosive applications. Strategic replaceable parts and a wide range of fabrication materials are available to defeat these challenging environments. Complete skidded systems can be offered incorporating pumps, regenerative fans, feed hoppers with vibrators or washdown, rotary star valves, interconnecting pipe, dust filters, and controls. Auxiliary receiving cyclonic separators with interconnecting ductwork to the skid can also be supplied.

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Here at EST Venturi Systems, we're a reliable venturi system manufacturer based out of The Woodlands, TX, but we do business worldwide. We offer a wide range of products to fit our client's needs. If you're in need of custom-engineered venturi systems for your business, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you what we can come up with.

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