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Liquid Jet Eductors For Virtually Maintenance-Free Mixing And Pumping Applications


If you're one of the many business owners or operators out there in need of high-quality liquid jet eductors to keep your business operations running smoothly, you've come to the right place. Here at EST Venturi Systems, we're one of the leading venturi systems experts in the industry, and we'd be happy to help you design and fabricate the custom liquid jet eductors you need for your business. Are you looking for custom-engineered liquid jet eductors to keep your business operations on track? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you the kind of quality products that have made us one of the leading names in liquid jet eductors and solids conveying eductors the industry has to offer.

What Is A Liquid Jet Eductor?

A liquid jet eductor is a jet pump that uses a high-pressure liquid motive to entrain a lower-pressure liquid suction. When the two streams mix, momentum from the liquid motive is transferred to the liquid suction stream, after which the combined streams enter the venturi tail and the resultant velocity is converted into pressure at the jet pump discharge.

Why Is A Custom Liquid Jet Eductor A Good Choice For My Equipment Applications?

  • Self-priming
  • No moving parts for easier maintenance
  • No mechanical pumps or motors

What Are The Usual Applications For Liquid Jet Eductors?

Liquid jet eductors are commonly used for mixing and pumping applications. Some typical applications include draining flooded cellars, emptying tanks, dewatering sand, tank mixing, or other operations that require continuous blending, acidifying, causticizing of oils, mixing of drilling mud, or producing emulsions.

Liquid Jet Eductors Types We Design & Manufacture

  • Type 4064 Liquid Jet Eductors (Machined)
  • Type 4064 Specialized Liquid Jet (Eductors)
    • 4064S - Sanitary Eductor
    • 4064 PLF - Plastic Lined Fitting Eductor
    • 4064 P - Plastic Eductor
  • Type 4066 Liquid Jet Eductors (Fabricated)
  • C, S, PLF - Suffix | Ceramic, Sanitary, Plastic Lined Fitting

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