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Solids Conveying Eductors - For A Wide Range Of Application Types

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If you're one of the many businesses or commercial property owners out there in need of custom-engineered solids conveying eductors to keep your operations running smoothly, you've come to the right place. Here at EST Venturi Systems, we're one of the most trusted venturi systems experts in the industry, and our team of skilled professionals would be happy to work with you to design and fabricate the solids conveying eductors you need to fit your business needs. Are you in need of high-quality solids conveying eductors to keep your operations on track? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you the kind of quality products that have made us one of the industry's leading names in solids conveying eductors and liquid jet eductors.

What Is A Solids Conveying Eductor?

A solid conveying eductor is a jet pump that uses a vacuum to entrain a suction flow of solids by converting a high-pressure liquid or gas to a high-velocity stream. This creates a vacuum in the mixing body used to entrain the lower-pressure suction flow by means of momentum transfer.

What Are The benefits of A Custom-Engineered Solids Conveying Eductor?

  • No moving parts mean less maintenance is required.
  • The design allows you to work more easily with solids in corrosive, erosive, and explosive applications.

What Are Common Applications For Solids Conveying Eductors?

Solids conveying eductors are commonly used to transport free-flowing solids, powders, and slurries with an available liquid or gas pressure source and are frequently used to mix powders with liquids to make solutions or to convey various materials.

Solids Conveying Eductor Types We Design & Manufacture

  • Type 2050 Water Jet Solids Conveying Eductor (Machined)
  • Type 2050 Specialized Solids Conveying Eductors
    • 2050C - Ceramic Lined Eductor
    • 2050S - Sanitary Eductor
    • 2050 PLF - Plastic Lined Fitting Eductor
  • Type 2052 Water Jet Solids Conveying Eductor (Fabricated)
  • Type 2055 Air Jet Solids Conveying Eductors (Machined)
  • Type 2055 Specialized Solids Conveying Eductors
    • 2055C - Ceramic Lined Eductor
    • 2055S - Sanitary Eductor
    • 2055 PLF - Plastic Lined Fitting Eductor
  • Type 2057 Air Jet Eductors (Fabricated)
  • Type 2063 Cyclone Separator for Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Type 2080 Water Jet Hopper Eductor Assembly
  • Type 2085 Air Jet Hopper Eductor Assembly
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