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Why Are Solids Conveying Systems Used In Pneumatic Conveying Systems?

Solids conveying eductors are commonly used to feed powders, pellets, and bulk solids into pneumatic conveying systems. Because they have no moving parts, they can essentially operate maintenance-free, providing business owners with many years of efficient operation. To highlight just a few of the many reasons that solids conveying eductors are frequently used in pneumatic conveying systems, our skilled venturi system experts have taken the time to put together the following list.

Solids Conveying Eductors Have No Moving Parts

This allows for maintenance-free feeding of bulk solids. In applications involving fine, abrasive, or irregularly shaped products, this is an enormous advantage. Replacement of existing rotary airlocks with venturi eductors makes for simpler, more reliable conveying systems. Designing with eductors from the beginning ensures the most reliable product feeding available.

No Blowback

All rotary airlocks/rotary valves have blowback - also known as fugitive dust or leakage. If the product conveyed is fine or abrasive, blowback can cause extreme wear problems. Even with free-flowing products, blowback can be a problem, causing bridging and housekeeping problems, or even an explosion hazard. When installed beneath baghouses, screw conveyors, or dust collectors, airlocks can be a major source of fugitive dust emissions, which are eliminated after a retrofit to solids conveying eductors.

No Mechanical Shearing/Product Damage

Eductors minimize the shearing, smearing, or degradation of products common with rotary airlocks. And, of course, safety is simply not a concern with solids conveying eductors.

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